Saturday, December 22, 2007

Second Life's First Insurances company gets sold to highest bidder !!!

Second Life's First Insurances company gets sold to highest bidder !!!

this because me Simon Sugita an avatar in the virtual world we call SecondLife,
is retiring from the SL financial world, this means:

- I'm selling my SLI Secondlife's (Living) Insurances.
This is my and sl first insurances company ever listed !!!
Has still many member and good rep in Second Life !!!
Send your bids pls to Simon Sugita inworld or leave me a comment here,
bidding will be closed in a month and me chooses to who i sell it too starting bid 777 linden dollars !

- With Pain in my heart, following groups ive founded will be closed and all members ejected:

- Simon's Free Advise And Money Group
- Investements, Investors And Loans Group
- Second Life Living (Insurances) SLL & SLI (Groups)

- I left the following group called Hope Capital Group *left as a non excecutive board director as rank & the group and same thing for all hope capital and wse and other stockmartkets and banks in sl why u ask me well mayby that all i reveal in my next post proberbly one main reason is i dont want anything todo anymore with the virtual financial they say there is in sl because i doubt with any lindenlabs or secondlife regulations or and active control it isnt plausable as a *vr or rl economy inworld but more about that in my next blog post proberbly for now u know and me knows i can spend time again to the things i love diong now in SL that is botbabes botboys and botbuilder and my mentor and scripting class group gonna get more my attention thats good and i will be aviable still and more as a custom work scripter and if u reading this leave a comment pls wanna know if anyone like my personal av sl blog for simon sugita in SL !

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy, ...

Yea thats what i am lately after been a long time without internet & trying to get back on shedule again, most people know me bizzy.

I've tried to live a less fast life, but sl makes me even bizzier and many of my goals are coming fufilled and/or close to a climax.

For example past week i became an Official SL Volenteer/Mentor, of course helping all em noobs getting boxes off their head or off other wierd places, helping more experienced players even deeper into their sl lives (?addiction?) that all don't makes me less bizzy nor my IMs button it gets no rest lol

Also up above is a nice pick of me on my orientation class that my new friend George Linden gave for becoming an official approved sl mentor (can you spot me ? Of course i was a blonde in the class)

See you all when im less bizzy again and/or SL/RL lets me breathe again ;) Bless Be Avatars !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Second Life Still Down For Maintance ...

Second Life Still Down For Maintance ...
So was bored & decided i make blog about my SL Life !
I hope this blog, will keep my friends & group members,
updated about whats giong on with me and my groups.

Mayby to make new friends with the people i dont know yet.
It will proberbly also gonna explain why I, Simon Sugita,
am so bizzy all the time in this Virtual Second Life World.

To all fellow bloggers; I never made a blog before,
so my appologies if i break any blog rules ;)

I gonna be posting cool (sl/lsl) links up on here,
adding a chatter-bot soon to our blogs sidemenu,
and much more coming, like lsl script examples, ect.
So keep your (virtual) eyes on this blog,
about the metaverse called Second-Life.

Next time i will tell you all some more about:
what i do, did & planning to do in SecondLife !

Hugs & Bot-Builder greetings from Sim ;)